The two core technologies of ZHRO have the potential to completely transform some of the world’s most important industries.


The CMT Systems provide a consistent, reliable methane stream through catalytic reformation, processing components of the entire associated gas stream. This newly created pipeline quality methane stream can now be used to power natural gas Gensets producing 200kW to 1MW of electricity. Additionally each system, when compared to diesel fuel use, off-sets roughly 1500-9000 metric tons of Carbon annually. The CMT System’s unique process has no cryogenic operations and requires very little energy to operate. ZHRO has demonstrated multiple systems throughout several US basins, as full-scale production of the systems has begun for worldwide distribution.

The ZHRO Fuel Injector System

The ZHRO fuel injector allows heavy duty diesel truck engines to operate exclusively on Natural Gas. Several trucking sectors have already begun to embrace the natural gas as the fuel of choice. Until now, truck owners were limited to technologies that are expensive, inefficient, or compromised. The ZHRO solution provides an opportunity to experience all the benefits of the diesel engine, while operating on 100% compressed natural gas.

ZHRO Advantages

Good for the Planet
Uncompromising Performance
Cost Savings
Simplified Installation


Associated Gas

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