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The ZHRO 9000CMT System
The ZHRO 9000CMT System Monetizing Wasted Gases into Methane
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Reduced Operating Costs
Reduced Operating Costs
Associated Gas Challenges of Associated Gas Associated gas, often referred to as flare gas, is considered an unwanted byproduct of crude oil extraction due to its lower commodity value and varied composition. Hydrocarbons in the associated gas stream are both flammable and potent greenhouse gasses which must either be recovered or burned on site. This burning, or flaring, accounts for roughly 400 million tons of CO2 every year.
The ZHRO System This breakthrough 9000CMT System successfully captures and reforms the entire associated gas stream that might otherwise be flared, vented or sent to midstreams for processing. Each of these mobile systems can provide enough consistent, reliable pipeline quality methane to produce 1MW to 2MW of electricity. Additionally this allows for a significant reduction in emissions.
Benefits of the ZHRO System

The 9000CMT System reforms the entire associated gas stream, including all Natural Gas Liquids (NGL’s), including ethane and propane/LPG, into a consistent and reliable stream of pipeline quality methane; equal to 90%+ pure methane produced from the reformed associated gasses in the original wellhead stream.


Globally, more than 150 billion cubic meters of natural gas is flared each year. This equates to 25% of actual natural gas use. The amount of flared gas in the U.S. is equal to the emissions of 93 million cars. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") has issued certain regulations and proposed others to be finalized in 2016 that severely limit flaring and venting from oil and gas wells

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2013, more than 260 billion cubic feet of methane was flared in the United States alone. The CMT System produces a 90+ methane number of pipeline quality methane from the otherwise wasted flare gas, which will then be used to generate clean, efficient, inexpensive electricity. The CMT System is named for the approximate 1500-9000 metric tons of carbon saved from the atmosphere each year by the use of each system when off-setting the use of diesel fuel, providing:

Independent, on-site power supply using own natural gas
Avoids the escape or “leak” of methane into the atmosphere, which has 21 times the global warming potential of CO2
Saves 1500-9000 cubic metric tons of carbon annually when compared to the use of diesel for electricity generation
Eliminates the need to truck in diesel fuel and potential re-injection of gasses into oil reservoir
The ZHRO 9000CMT Reformation System:
  • Produces 1MW - 3MW of natural gas from one single unit
  • Is capable of processing 280MCFD with one unit
  • Can be paralleled to accommodate up to 100MW
  • Skid mounted design is mobile, modular and stackable
  • Can immediately utilize customers current dual fuel Gensets
  • Requires no CAPEX from customer
  • Developed and tested on wells in the Eagle Ford Basin, Bakken Formation, Permian Basin and Oklahoma STACK
The ZHRO 9000CMT’s focus includes:
  • Replacing diesel fuel use at drill and completion sites
  • Eliminating/reducing on-site flaring
  • Reforming flare into consistent customized blend of methane rich fuel gas to provide power at well sites or additional locations where needed
  • Providing clean MRG for gas lift
  • Additionally providing mobile transportation of CNG, sourced from adjacent wasted flares, to drill and completion rigs (Virtual Pipeline)
System Requirements
  • Minimum Inlet Pressure - 60PSIG
  • Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) - 110PSIG
  • Temperature Range - -40°* to 140°F
  • Output Pressure - 20 PSI min
  • Inlet Gas Energy - Up to 2400 BTU/CuFt
  • Electrical Demand - 25 kW at 1MW - 3MW
  • Water Consumption - 3,600 Gal/mo
System Output
  • Flow Rate Range - 60 - 300MCFD
  • Power Available from Generator - 1MW - 3MW
System Maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance - Monthly
  • Water Supply - Based on usage
  • Sulfur Filter (if needed) - Monthly
  • Water Filter - Monthly
System Output
  • Width - 10'
  • Length - 24'
  • Height - 11'
  • Weight - 21,000 lbs
System Features
  • Skid Mounted
  • Mobile and Modular
  • Fork Lift Movable
  • Stackable up to 3 Systems
  • Parallelable Systems
  • Black Start Operation
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Water Filtration
System Options
  • Extreme Winterization Kit*
  • Inlet Gas Compression
  • Sulfur Removal